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Moon Includes: a moon spell, update on the MoonKats Designs,
unusual moon items, like a Moon Firepit,
and more
Dolphin Moon
Dolphin Moon
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Fairies Includes: a "spell" for summoning fairies,
unusual fairy items, such as fairy soap,
and fairy navel/belly button jewels
Flower fairy
Flower fairy
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Includes Midsummer and Fairy Lore,
new Products, and
Midsummer-themed art
Sun Dancer
Sun Dancer
Perkinson, Tom
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Includes update on the
JustCharmed Dragon Store,
tips on using colored candles,
and a love spell for Valentine's Day
Love's Messenger
Love's Messenger
Stillman, Marie Spartali
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New Year
Includes updates for Charmed Fans,
Oracle to see if wish will come true
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