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February 2004In Association with

There are 3 new designs in the JustCharmed Dragon Store now!

The artwork for the 'Dragon & Maiden' design took a very long time, but I hope you will agree it was worth it! The notebooks, cards, and stickers look especially stunning.

The Green Dragon design makes people smile, and looks great on clothing. T-shirts, sweatshirts and more coming soon.

For lovers of Oriental Dragons, there's the Mikado Dragon....happy browsing!

Winter Sale for You only!

For Newsletter Subscribers only:
Visit the


This Sale Store is only open to readers, and only accessible via the URL above!

Find reductions from $1 to $5 per item.
Sale ends Sunday, February 29

Charmed, Spells...

Charmed Fans in the UK can finally enjoy Season 6, on started last year, this channel continues to repeat all previous seasaons too, on a daily basis.

Many of you have asked to repeat the link for the Charmed DVD release... (Website no longer exists) offer a wonderful free 'wishlist' service for Videos and DVDs!

Simply type your favourite actor into the searchengine, and then follow the links to add them to your 'Watchlist'. You will automatically be informed when any new movies are in stock.

Best of all, their prices are the best around, they ship worldwide, and delivery to the UK is even FREE!

(Use Alyssa & Co on your wishlist, and it's a great way to know immediately when the Charmed series is out!)

The Charmed section of the website has been updated with some new additions to the tattoo pages! More coming soon!
Look out for new polls too! ****************************************************************

Exclusive to Newsletter subscribing Charmed Fans:

Only for you, and ONLY via this Link!!!! (REMOVED)...some special designs,
for No. 1 Charmed fans!


Fancy a Love Spell?

Romany Love Spell

Buy an onion and a brandnew pot, and get some earth. All those should be purified. (if you don't know how to purify items for magical purposes, please visit the Magic Reference Pages on

Once purified, plant the onion in the pot.

Place your hands over the pot and say:

"As this onion grows, as this blossom grows, Let His/Her heart be, always turned to me."

Repeat 3 times, and continue to perform the ritual every morning & evening until he/she becomes yours.

Good Luck!


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Enjoy the last weeks of Winter!

Peace and Light,


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