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Enter a truly magical site, containing everything
from King Arthur to Wicca, TV-series Charmed to Unicorns and Mermaids....
This place is for Fairy Lovers and Lord of the Rings Fans, those in search of some magical spells or
tarot cards, as well as Harry Potter or Pegasus collectors....

Find out about the myth of the origin of amber, or read up on
some supernatural poetry.
Browse through the huge poster stores for fairy art, pictures of Viggo Mortensen in Lord of the Rings, the Charmed actresses or anything magical for your walls.

Discover a new hobby in the magical toy sections: collector's dolls
glow-in-the dark jigsaws, mythical cross-stitch,
- it's all here.

The JustCharmed Store is home to dozens of
exclusive examples of my art:
Dragon t-shirts and fairy art, MoonKats, mermaids, triquetra
and other occult symbols...
    All are available on clothing, gifts, baby wear and more.
You can even personalize things!

You can find all you need for your magical tasks
in the Occult Store, or simply browse through the
vast collection of mythical, magical jewelry and

Don't be put off by the pages with occult themes: is a child-friendly site, with
hundreds of Charmed fans visiting every day!

Have fun browsing around:
send a Free Greeting Card, play some
'fortune telling' games, or read up daily on your Free Horoscope...

JustCharmed is updated constantly, so remember to

and stop by again soon!

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Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince

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The Wiccan Rede

Bide you the Wiccan laws you must,
in perfect love and perfect trust
Live and let live,
fairly take and fairly give
Cast the circle thrice about,
to keep the unwelcome spirits out
To bind the spell every time,
let the spell be spake in rhyme

Soft of eye and light of touch,
speak little and listen much
Deosil go by the waxing moon,
chanting out the Wiccan rune
Widdershins go by the waning moon,
chanting out the baleful tune

When the Lady's moon is new,
kiss your hand to Her times two
When the moon rides at Her peak,
then the heart's desire seek

Read all of the Wiccan Rede

Circe Invidiosa
Circe Invidiosa
Waterhouse, John William
17 in. x 39 in.
Buy this Art Print at
Framed   Mounted

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A Cheerful Pair of Jack-O-Lanterns against a Background of Fall Foliage
A Cheerful Pair of Jack-O-Lanterns against a Background of Fall Foliage Photographic Print
St. John, Stephen
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