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August 9, 2004 Moon Newsletter In Association with
Welcome to the Moon Issue!

An issue inspired by my cat Luna (who is black, has yellow eyes,
and a white crescent moon on her chest), and the beautiful moon of summer nights..

You will now find an entire Moon Section in the 'Mystical Places' pages of, with beautiful moon art and photos,
a moon phases reference tool, books on moon & magic and more.

Monument Valley Moon
Monument Valley Moon
Buy this Art Print at

I have been asked to repeat the Moon Spell from a previous issue.

Simple Moon Spell (best at full moon)

Moon, moon, beautiful moon
Fairer far, than any star
Moon oh moon, let it so be
Bring ..... to me

Repeat 3 times.

As always, make use of things which might strengthen your request..
hold an item representing your desire, burn candles in appropriate colors,
wait for a weekday best for your desire and so on.
You can find reference tools on,
such as color reference tools, a new tool for the moon phases,
herb selectors, zodiac reference...

I have added an Archive Section to Just Charmed now,
where you can find edits of previous newsletters.

Special offers and unusual Moon things..
Buy an Acre Of The Moon

In The Light Of
The Moon Night Light

Star & Moon Fire Pit

Moon Garden Weathervane

Fossil Watch - Sun/Moon Animation - Womens big tic watch

Promotions I found for your next candle purchases:

$5 FREE just for registering for Candle Bay's Candle Coins Program.


Get a Free Gift when shopping for collectibles:

F'ree Gifts & Special Offers at
They have a huge selection of fairies, unicorns, dragons, and all things "JustCharmed"...

New Items Instore

Please welcome The MoonKats!
(yes, Luna has been very inspirational of late!)

The first of a series of moon and cat designs is now online..
this picture shows a black cat sitting on a crescent moon,
with an Egyptian ankh..looking closely, you will also see a yin/yang
in the centre of the ankh.

For those supporting John Kerry in the US Presidential Elections, there is a
special Pagan Politics Store.. visit for buttons, bumper stickers, value t-shirts
and more, featuring the 'Pagans for Kerry' and 'Democratic Witch' Slogans.


moon kat
Magnets &
moon kats
democratic witch
Democratic Witch
pagans for kerry
Pagans for Kerry


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Enjoy the moonlit summer nights!

Peace and Light,



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Newsletter topics and articles on!

Moon Art
( just click picture)
Dolphin Moon
Dolphin Moon

French Ephemera: Woman & Moon
French Ephemera:
Woman & Moon

Full Moon and Star
Full Moon & Star

Moon Boat to Dreamland
Moon Boat
to Dreamland

Moon Dance
Moon Dance

Moon Phases
Moon Phases

Weary Moon
Weary Moon


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