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Dragon Tarot and Oracle Cards

From the Manufacturer:

Journey into the far reaches of Dragonland with
the Dragon Tarot deck and book set.
Discover how mythical dragons can lead you to a
better understanding of yourself and your life.

Set complete with 78-card Dragon Tarot Deck,
184 page illustrated book and spreadsheet for card readings.

This spectacular deck captures the perceptive powers
of the legendary dragon. Dragon Tarot represents
the fulfillment of centuries of research into
symbolism by mystics from the world over.

Product Description (by the author):

In whatever form dragons appear, in fiction, legend, or the unconscious,
they are powerful. Seen as aspects of ourselves, like any
mythological symbol, they represent forces which we may find
difficult to come to terms with:
the untamed and less familiar sides of our personalities.

If the psyche is to be whole, we sometimes need to befriend
these deeper and darker sides of ourselves.
In keeping with my early experience of dragons as a child,
I have also included lighter, tenderer, and more ordinary
qualities in my definition of dragonhood.

The Dragon Cards were conceived as a light-hearted attempt
to balance striving after perfection with an acceptance
of my human nature, with all its idiosyncrasies and imperfections.
What do dragons do? They guard the treasure.
The trail of dragons through my life has had to do with gradually
coming to accept things the way they are, life on earth as
treasure in all its manifestations, including less welcome ones.

You can use these cards in any way that suits you and your own
relationship with the unknown. Some people may like to shuffle
and cut the deck in order to find their card,
others may spread them out and rummage around a bit,
others again may find themselves clearly drawn to a particular card.

You can spin this process out, turning it into a meditation,
or take potluck trusting in the spontaneity of the moment.
You may vary your approach every time you use them,
depending on your mood.
Whether you pick one for the day or for a particular project or occasion,
be curious about your first thought as you turn it over.
Then let the image take wings in your imagination and see
where it takes you.
Could there be an opportunity for befriending yourself here?
A chance of expansion? A way to have more fun, to be more alive?
Or does it seem so foreign that you choose to
use freewill to find another?

However you use them, may you find treasure here.

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