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Critic Roger Ebert:
"While no reasonable person over the age
of 12 would presumably be able to take it
seriously, there is nevertheless a
lighthearted joy to it, a cheerfulness, an
insouciance, that recalls the days when
movies were content to be fun."

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Despite its box-office failure in 1981,
Dragonslayer was gradually recognized
as one of the finest fantasies to emerge
from the post-Star Wars boom in special effects.
It's still one of the best adventures of its kind,
featuring one of the most fearsome
fire-breathing serpents in movie history.

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Pete's Dragon

Pete, a young orphan, runs away
to a Maine fishing town with his best friend
-a lovable, sometimes invisible dragon named Elliott!
When they are taken in by a kind
lighthouse keeper, Nora (Helen Reddy),
and her father (Mickey Rooney),
Elliott's prank playing lands them in big trouble.
Then, when crooked salesmen try to
capture Elliott for their own gain,
Pete must attempt a daring rescue.

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