charmed cast tattoos

Charmed Cast Tattoos

Alyssa's got so many great tattoos,
she gets 4 pages!

Alyssa Milano Oroborus Tattoo

The Oroborus is an ancient symbol for eternity/infinity
depicting a snake biting its tail...often it is
shown in a figure 8 shape, rather than the circle in this tattoo.

Alyssa Milano Rosary Tattoo

Alyssa Milano Rosary Tattoo2

Alyssa Milano Rosary Tattoo3

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Alyssa Milano Omkar Tattoo
A rather fancy version
of the Indian Omkar
(also knowns as 'Om')

Alyssa Milano Tattoos Page 2
Alyssa Milano Tattoos Page 3
Alyssa Milano Tattoos Page 4

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