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All Stores feature our exclusive artwork and designs © de Valois Project/
- only available through!

JustCharmed Store The JustCharmed Store
is permanently updated with new designs and new items.
Whether you are looking for t-shirts, mugs/housewares,
clocks, baby clothes, stationery & stickers or Gifts...
here you will find it.

JustCharmed Magic Store The JustCharmed Magic Store
is the place to find our Pentacle & Trinity designs.
The Trinity symbol (Maiden/Mother/Crone)
shows 3 different moon phases.
Visit for our lavish ivy and gold-effect designs.
Items include Altar Tiles, Tile Boxes and more.

JustCharmed Fairy Store

JustCharmed Fairy Store

Paradise for Fairy Lovers of all ages.
Pretty fairies adorn clothing, ceramics,
stationery, Gifts & and more.

JustCharmed Dragon Store JustCharmed Dragon Store

Home to the humorous Green Dragon, our beautiful Art Nouveau-style 'Dragon & Maiden',
as well as Celtic and Oriental inspired Dragon art.

JustCharmed Triquetra Store

JustCharmed Triquetra Store

JustCharmed Triquetra Store

It's the ultimate stop for all Charmed fans,
and those following the Wiccan/Pagan Path:
All items in this store feature our
exclusive Triquetra ("Power of Three") designs.
Ours is the Original Triquetra store, and our vast collection includes:

Black and antique-gold effect Triquetras
Butterfly Triquetras in pretty pastel shades
Purple Triquetras, Seasonal Triquetras, Heart Triquetras, and more.
New designs added constantly.

Make a statement at the office with one of our
triquetra mousemats, dress yourself and/or your baby in charmed triquetra clothes
(including underwear!),
or become the envy of your Charmed-fan friends with our triquetra stationery.

JustCharmed Mermaid Store JustCharmed Mermaid Store

Stunning Mermaid Bags, shirts and accessories
in beautiful colors......wonderful gifts!

JustCharmed Candy/d Witch Store Meet the Candy/d Witch!

She's candid, and she's candy-colored,
and perfect for all witches with a sense of humour.

JustWolves Store

JustWolves Store
This store accompanies our sister site,
If you like wolves, you will like our site and the store!

Feel free to

any special design requests.
(Please remember to include a valid return address)

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