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Sapphire Jewelry

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Sapphire Healing Power:  Disclaimer

  • April, July and September Birthstone. Corundum. Blue, green, pink, purple and clear
  • Related to Ruby
  • Blue: Communication, insight, intuition, clairaudience, inspiration,
    spiritual prayer, devotion, peacefulness
  • Pituitary and Thyroid
  • Detoxing skin, body
  • Anti depressant
  • Cools, contracts, soothes, thus reducing inflammation, fevers, and nose bleeds
  • Hearing problems, TB, burns.
  • Nervous system, epilepsy and meridians
  • Strongest if next to skin - especially throat chakra
  • Wisdom, will, centering, cheerfulness, luck
  • Reduces radiation effects, anxiety, and procrastination
  • Black: more grounding
  • Protection
  • May strengthen by posing challenges to overcome

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