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Opal Jewelry

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Opal Healing Power:  Disclaimer

  • March and October Birthstone. A silicate
  • Contains water, thus correlating with our emotions
  • Clarifies by amplifying and mirroring feelings, buried emotions and desires
    - including love and passion
  • Lessens inhibition, enhances spontaneity
  • Crown and brow chakra: Visualization, imagination, dreams and healing
  • Easily absorbs, stores emotions and thoughts.
  • Some cancel/negate other gems. (Backfires if not used for good of all)
  • May change color with high energy, intense people
  • White Opal: Balances Left and Right. Brain.
  • "Black", dark blue Opal: One of the most potent
  • Fire Opals: May stimulate passion, temper, and energy

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