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Malachite Jewelry

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Malachite Healing Power:  Disclaimer

  • Steady pulsing, electromagnetic energy. (High copper content)
  • Malachite and azurite are nearly the same chemical, Copper Carbonate.
    The only difference is the molecular ordering of the elements
  • On brow: stimulates physical and psychic vision and concentration.
  • Egyptians used green Malachite paste for eye makeup, called Udju, for psychic protection
  • Stomach, liver, kidney stones, lungs, immune system, radiation, MS and circulation.
  • Powerful healer with azurite or chrysocolla for healing:
    Releases and draws out pain, inflammation, depression, anger; heals blocks.
  • Protects well by powerfully cleaning the uric field, rapidly absorbing
    undesirable energies such as computer, TV, and other radiation.
  • Place in the 4 corners of a room to cleanse carpet toxins/gases.

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