unicorn books

Unicorn Books

Where have the Unicorns gone

From School Library Journal:
A purposeful poem poses the question and
gives its own answers in words and pictures.
The unicorns have fled and disappeared
into the sea before the worst aspects
of civilization-war, deforestation,
industrialization, and overpopulation
-threaten their existence.

Unicorns I have known

A stunningly beautiful art book which,
unfortunately, has become hard
to find! Follow the links,
to see if you are lucky enough to
find a copy from a marketplace trader.
It's a book worth the hunt!

Magical World of Unicorns

Michael Hague has long believed in magic
-the magic of unicorns. For years, his classic
unicorn illustrations have sparked our imaginations,
showcasing this mythical creature
and its enchanted world. Here, Hague's paintings
are brought together in one handsome volume
and matched with excerpts from stories,
poems, and legends to create
a wondrous world of beauty and nostalgia.

This dramatic presentation will transport you
to the farthest reaches of your own imagination,
and inspire you to share the magic
with generations to come.

The Land of Unicorns: Sticker Stories

Welcome to a land of enchantment,
where unicorns eat golden apples,
water nymphs blow rainbow bubbles,
and dragons romp and roam
through the misty mountains.
75 full-color, reusable stickers.

Jewel the Unicorn:
Jewel Sticker Stories

Children really take a shine to this series
of sparkling sticker books with original,
interactive stories, charming illustrations,
and 25 fabulous jewel-like stickers.

Everything Jewel the unicorn touches
with her horn turns into a glittery gem.

But can her magic talent help
when she gets lost?.

The Last Unicorn

One of the true classics of fantasy.
Shimmering prose-poetry,
the voice of fairy tales and childhood:
This is a book no fantasy reader should miss.
Beagle argues brilliantly the need for magic
in our lives and the folly of
forgetting to dream.

Into the Land of the Unicorns
Unicorn Chronicles Book 1

Cara follows her grandmother's cryptic
instructions and winds up in Luster,
the land of the unicorns.

Song of the Wanderer
Unicorn Chronicles Book 2

School Library Journal:
...Cara is on an exciting quest.
She must make her way through the
magical world of Luster
to the unicorn queen, who asks Cara
to bring back her grandmother Ivy
so that old wounds can be healed.
Believing that her grandmother, known to
the unicorns as "The Wanderer," is on Earth,
Cara must find a way home with the help
of her growing list of companions.

The Unicorn

The unicorn has been a much-loved subject
of artists in both Eastern and Western cultures,
gracing illuminated manuscripts, ceramics,
coats of arms, tapestries, and paintings.
This wide-ranging cultural history traces
the remarkable interpretations and myths
that have grown up around the unicorn in art,
science, religion, and literature.

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