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Brian Froud Fairy

World of Dark Crystal
Collector's Edition

Now 20 years old, Jim Henson's classic fantasy film The Dark Crystal
--featuring the breathtaking concept design of renowned fantasy artist
Brian Froud --is a soaring work of the imagination.
This mystical adventure has such a huge cult following that
when the film was recently re-released on video and DVD,
it quickly sold a million copies.
Just as remarkable is the cult status of The World of The Dark Crystal,
Froud's book on the film.
Originally published in 1982 and long out of print, this definitive volume
--packed with brilliant artwork--has been in such demand
that used copies can sell for well over $400.

Abrams is now proudly reissuing this sought-after book in a
brand new collector's edition.
This beautifully printed reproduction of the original volume contains
all of its stunning art and text--plus a new essay by Froud,
illustrated with never-before-published paintings, drawings,
and sculptures from the film's archives.
And this new edition features a facsimile of a 20-page booklet
Froud and Henson created to present the film to backers--
a gorgeous overview of the story so rare
only a few copies are known to exist.

This collector's edition of The World of The Dark Crystal,
like the re-released film, will truly be a must-have
for Henson and Froud fans.

Dreams- Art of Boris Vallejo

Vallejo's style is infinitely flexible and his choice of subjects
encompasses scenes from Greek mythology, prehistoric creatures
and serene ocean life.

Stunning winged women, muscled men fighting ferocious beasts
and strange alien worlds are among the many fantastic visions
Vallejo creates for us.

This collection includes a selection of Vallejo's private work
- sensuous full-color paintings that bring exotic women,
sinewy men, and dream worlds to life.
All told it includes over 120 full-color paintings, never before
shown together. Renowned fantasy author Nigel Suckling offers
insight into Vallejo's art with fascinating and
informative extended captions.

Art of Clyde Caldwell

He's been one of the fantasy art masters for over 20 years,
creating brilliant visions of mystic wonder.
Clyde Caldwell breathes life into all his creations,
from the sword-wielding warrior to the fearsome winged dragon
he's trying to kill.
What Clyde is best known and loved for however, is his women!
Sultry and powerful, supple yet steely, these are fearsome
females who are as alluring as they are awesome!

Here's a stunning collection of Caldwell's works,
spanning an entire career. A full color gallery, The Art of
Clyde Caldwell does an excellent job showing off this artist's finest images

Art of Drew Posada

Seamlessly blending feverish fantasies with photorealistic detail,
Drew Posada creates portraits of deeply disturbing perfection.
His use of color and lighting set him apart from most fantasy artists,
and give his works a rich luster and depth.

This new collection of his full color works is loaded with amazing imagery,
and the reproduction is outstanding!

Printed on a heavy weight coated stock, all the colors and details
are there to study and enjoy.
And the girls are pretty nice to look at too!

Art of John Bolton

Pretty nightmares and disturbing daydreams.
This is John Bolton's corner of the fantasy and horror neighborhood,
and tourists are strongly advised to keep a tight grip on their sanity.
Bolton's worlds of the bizarre have attracted legions of fans who
delight in his dark macabre style and gothic sensibilities.

A long-time comic art favorite, John's work has spanned several decades,
many graphic novels, and a gallery's worth of decadently disturbing paintings.
His collaborative teamings with such talents as Chris Claremont, Neil Gaiman,
Clive Barker, Sam Raimi, Anne Rice, Christopher Fowler to name but a few
has only burnished his reputation as a true master of fantasy illustration.

It's time to celebrate those achievements with a full color extravaganza.
The Art of John Bolton is an oversized edition that contains over
100 magnificently reproduced paintings and illustrations on a
luxurious heavy coated paper.
Every page is a brilliant blending of both the artist's eye and
the printer's craft. This is a hyper-caffeinated coffee table edition
that allows the reader to savor every brushstroke and subtle shade of color,
while experiencing the chilling wonder of the other-worldly subject matter.

Fall into Bolton's dark realms andlet his visions envelop you with its wonder.

Art of Walter Girotto

Walter Girotto's works are pure flights of fantasy.
Melding a modern sensibility with a Renaissance style of painting,
he achieves a remarkable effect that is uniquely his own.
His women exhibit a classic beauty and elegance, but also an
undercurrent of erotic lust. Timeless yet torrid, the paintings in
this oversized volume will leave you wanting even more,
as Girotto's old world charm and 21st Century sensuality
creates legions of new admirers.

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