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The Book of Three

When Phoebe Halliwell returned to San Francisco to live with her
older sisters, Prue and Piper, in Halliwell Manor, she had no idea
how much her life -- all of their lives -- would change.

Because when Phoebe found the Book of Shadows in the manor's attic,
she learned that she and her sisters were the Charmed Ones,
the most powerful witches of all time.

Battling demons, warlocks, and countless evil spirits, Piper and Phoebe
lost Prue but discovered half-witch, half-whitelighter Paige Matthews,
the sister they never knew. The Power of Three was reborn.

Now go behind the scenes on television's sexiest supernatural thriller with
The Book of Three, the first fully authorized companion to Charmed.

  • Exclusive in-depth interviews with the cast and crew
  • An introduction by Executive Producer Brad Kern
  • Episode guides
  • Character profiles
  • Notable quotes
  • Color photo insert and more!

The Book of Three -- your essential companion to
the witty, witchy world of Charmed!

Book of Love Spells

Great little companion to the series!

The Book of Shadows:
The Unofficial Charmed Companion

Well, so it's not an official release.
But those issues can often be the best.
This one is definitely on my
'to buy' list!

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Episode Books

Changeling Places (Book #30)

Not out yet - available to pre-order!

Mystic Knoll (Book #29)

Not out yet - available to pre-order!

Pied Piper (Book #28)

Not out yet - available to pre-order!

Survival of the Fittest (Book #27)

The Brewing Storm (Book #26)

A Tale of Two Pipers (Book #25)

While Darklighters threaten to steal true love
magic made a wish go wrong:
Where two are, once was one --
but two does not mean twice as strong.

Too much work and no time for play have made Piper
a major stress case.
When a seemingly harmless wish comes true, creating two Pipers,
it looks like the problem's solved.
Two Pipers can do twice as much work, leaving one Piper to
party the night away and the other to finally have time to relax.
While one Piper's home baking, the other can give an interview.
Two Pipers? Too perfect.

But soon it becomes clear that two heads -- and bodies --
aren't always better than one.
When Darklighters kidnap Leo and hold him hostage in exchange
for the Charmed Ones' powers, one of the Pipers doesn't even
seem to care.
And then both Pipers' powers fade, leaving them useless and sick.

Phoebe and Paige scramble to find a reversal spell,
but without Leo's help, and with Piper split in two,
will the Power of Three become powerless?

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Inherit the Witch (Book #24)

As the Charmed Ones know, it's difficult to adjust to the ideas
of having powers and saving innocents -- that's one of the
reasons that their Grams bound their powers until the sisters
were ready to receive them.
In fact, many witch clans keep the powers of their young
dormant until the recipient of the power reaches a certain age.

In Juliana O'Farrell's clan, that age is thirteen --
the exact age of her daughter, Lily.
By the day after her thirteenth birthday, though, Lily's powers
haven't manifested, and Juliana's worried that a demon may have
stripped her daughter's magic.
Enter the Halliwell sisters. But Lily's too much of a typical teen
to welcome witch chaperones. She'd much rather sneak out
to hang with her rebellious friend, Drew.

Could Drew's bad behavior be related to Lily's missing magic?
It's going to take the Power of Three to get to the bottom
of this adolescent angst

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Luck be a Lady (Book #23)

Phoebe Halliwell may be ready to turn over a new leaf as a single gal,
but her newly redemonized ex-husband, Cole,
isn't ready to let her go.
Aware of a supernatural plot against the Charmed Ones,
Cole keeps watch over Phoebe, and intercedes at the moment
of battle, only to accidentally create a rip in time.

Cole disappears to WWII-era Hollywood --
and brings the sisters with him!
While the Charmed Ones are no strangers to extreme circumstances,
what they didn't anticipate was a demonic stronghold shaking down
local businesses.
To infiltrate the evil underground, Paige poses as a young starlet,
working an entirely different kind of magic before the camera.
Meanwhile, Piper is tempted to seek out Leo --
in this world, he's still human --
and Phoebe is at her wits' end contending with Cole.

But a demon henchman is working the black magic mojo on Paige,
and if the sisters don't focus, before long they'll find themselves
completely out of luck!

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Truth and Consequences (Book #22)

Earth, water, fire, air,
Aid me in this task I dare.
Where Cole wanders let me see.
As I will,
So mote it be.

Cole is working late, and her sisters are having a girls' night in,
so on the spur of the moment, Phoebe accepts what seems
like an innocent date with a friendly stranger.
But good intentions are quickly misconstrued when Cole
leaves work early to surprise Phoebe --
and is stunned to find her sharing a meal with another man.

Cole can't believe that Phoebe would betray him, and Phoebe
can't believe Cole would even think she'd betray him.
Their escalating argument quickly highlights some fundamental
trust issues they each harbor.
But soon they discover themselves trapped in the underworld,
at the center of a lovelorn demon's plot to destroy the Power of Three.

If Cole and Phoebe can't reconcile their suspicions and insecurities,
there's more than their own relationship at risk!

Seasons of the Witch, Vol. 1 (Book #21)

The Witching Hours

Samhain: 10/31, or Halloween --
traditionally a time to reflect, a time of divination, and a time to
honor the ancients. But Phoebe's plans to communicate with her
ancestors are cut short when she's recruited to help reunite
a star-crossed, magical couple.

Yule: 12/22, or the winter solstice, and the longest night of the year.
And when Paige enters an all-night party at a local club, she finds herself
at the center of an evil plot to bring about permanent midnight.

Imbolc: 2/1, a time when the earliest hopes for spring are fostered
and seeds are planted for dreams of the coming summer months.
But Piper can't look toward the future -- and having children with Leo --
when her half-whitelighter, half-witch sister's powers are on the fritz.
Is a hybrid baby destined for doom?

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Between Worlds (Book #20)

Breath of air, soul of fire,
Grant this night my heart's desire.
Womb of earth, tears of sea,
Bring my lover back to me.

The Halliwell sisters are no strangers to Halloween hijinks.
But this year, the Wiccan celebration of Samhain is met with
a rash of destruction throughout the city.
Upon further investigation, the Charmed Ones learn that the
demolished buildings they've heard about are actually melting.
These sites are in fact the location of dimensional portals,
and they're under attack.

Piper, Phoebe, and Paige will need to secure these barriers in order
to prevent all havoc from being released.
But the demon working against them is no ordinary monster;
it's a wraith, the product of a grief-stricken young witch seeking
to resurrect her lost love.

And hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....

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Mirror Image (Book #19)

Phoebe Halliwell is stunned when her latest vision involves her
younger half sister, Paige. The vision reveals to her that
Paige is actually an imposter who will infiltrate the
Power of Three and break it apart.

However, Piper is dismissive when she learns of Phoebe's
concerns -- so much so that Cole and Leo end up taking
sides as well.
Before long, all involved are on edge.
Paige senses that her sisters are acting strangely around her,
so when she meets Timothy McBride, an attractive young stranger
who purports to be a witch, she decides not to tell them.
She wants to have something of her own, separate from her
Charmed duties.
Secrets are estranging the sisters from one another,
and the timing isn't good. Women are turning up all over the city,
dead by supernatural causes.

The perpetrator may be connected to the sisters' past --
but if they can't work together, they might not be able to stop him.

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Mist and Stone (Book #18)

"Shadows of tomorrow
from the past are sown.
On shifting sands and sorrows,
veiled in mist or set in stone...."

Paige Matthews is accustomed to the requirements of her job as
a social worker, and she's willing to endure substandard pay,
long hours, and emotional drain.
After all, she wants to make a difference -- sometimes in a
non-Charmed capacity.
But she is unprepared for the anger and rage she encounters
in Todd Corman, a young boy who has been bounced from
caregiver to caregiver for so long that he doesn't trust authority.

Still, Paige is sympathetic and determined to break through.
But when Phoebe stops by the agency for a quick hello,
she is rocked by a vision that involves Todd.
Strangely, the vision is shrouded in fog.
After some investigation, Leo explains that this particular mist
has nothing to do with the weather, but rather suggests that
Todd's fate may not be set in stone.

Todd has been targeted, and if the Charmed Ones are going to
reverse destiny, they're going to have to race against the clock!

Something Wiccan This Way Comes (Book #17)

"Sister Wiccas gather round.
By our power we are bound.
Hand in hand and heart to heart,
force all evil to depart!"

Paige Matthews is new to the whole "Power of Three" thing,
and looking to explore her powers. So when she reads of
a Wiccan convention taking place just outside of Las Vegas,
she thinks it's a great opportunity for her and for her sisters
to learn more about their witchy ways.
Though the girls are all over saving innocents, they aren't that
heavy into Wicca practices, and Paige thinks the retreat
could be enlightening.
Piper and Phoebe, however, aren't so sure.
They're certain that while they spend their days battling
honest-to-badness black magic, their so-called supernatural
sisters will be nothing more than a bunch of blessed wanna-bes.

Soon though, they hear of a rash of murders committed against
practicing Wiccans, and making an appearance at the convention
becomes top priority.

But as they head for the desert campgrounds,
are the Charmed Ones headed straight for disaster?

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Shadow of the Sphinx (Book #16)

"Shifting sands, eternal dust,
unending time moves as it must.
But ancient wisdom works through me,
time is mine -- where e'er I be."

Paige Matthews is having a minor identity crisis.
She is slowly but surely embracing her long lost sisters' witchy ways,
but she doesn't want to overstep her boundaries.
After all, she wouldn't ever want to replace Prue Halliwell --
even if she could. So Paige considers it a stroke of luck when, one day,
her experiments with magic turn her into a cat.
Who knew she had a knack for shape-shifting?

One problem: She can't shift herself back. Her sisters inadvertently betray
her when they deposit her at a local animal shelter. Suddenly she finds
herself the familiar of a cult that worships ancient Egyptian deities, and is
catapulted into ancient Egypt!
Piper and Phoebe discover the identity of the stray cat and rally a rescue
mission, only to discover another cat-woman, also entrapped within a
fortress-like sphinx. This kitty is one feline femme fatale, and the sisters are
going to have to put human heads together to defeat her!

Dark Vengeance (Book #15)

"And should the Trinity of Evil be awakened
The Champions of Virtue must defend
The Light of ages past or be forsaken
As the warriors of darkness were before them."

The Charmed Ones are feeling out of sorts.
Phoebe misses Cole, who's gone away for a week of solitary reflection.
Piper is overwhelmed with the responsibilities of overseeing her
household, Charmed affairs, and P3, her nightclub.
Paige is still adjusting to her role as a savior of innocents, and is
increasingly sensitive to all levels of human pain.

Soon, though, Piper is distracted by an energetic musician
auditioning to play at the club,
Phoebe is making a new friend in her Web design class,
and Paige is meeting new people at the homeless shelter
where she volunteers.
But it isn't long before the girls discover that a sinister force is
working against them;
Phoebe's short-term memory is shot, Piper can't control her
emotions, and Paige feels thoroughly exhausted.
At the same time, their powers are diminished.

Could their new acquaintances be connected to the threat?
It's a real-life family feud -- one that could have deadly results....

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Date With Death (Book #14)

"Take this soul, who seeks revenge
Bind him from his cruel intent
With this spark, consign his soul
To the haze of his own hell."

As Piper and Leo contemplate parenthood, and Phoebe and Cole
enjoy their engagement, Paige is feeling more of a push to find
a significant other. In a moment of whimsy, she signs up for
an online dating service.

Needless to say, she soon finds herself flooded with eager responses.
Almost every night she embarks on a new date that seems to lead
nowhere -- despite the fact that Paige has a perfectly good time
when she's out. Or does she? Before long the sisters discover that
Paige spends her "dates" in a catatonic trance -- she hasn't actually
gone anywhere! Soon afterward her suitors are discovered to have
committed evil acts. Paige is acting as a conduit for dark powers
-- and soon she is projecting her energies onto her sisters.

Will Piper and Phoebe be able to save her using only
the Power of Two?

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Garden of Evil (Book #13)

"By the powers above
And by all things good,
Bring me a love
Who will always be true."

The Halliwell sisters and their honeys are enjoying a rare afternoon
off from fighting evil. Even though the two couples try to keep the
vibe free of romance, Paige can't help feeling like a fifth wheel.
But where to find a guy who not only embodies everything she
wants in a boyfriend but will also understand her witchy lifestyle?

Then while saving an innocent, Paige connects --
with the girl's boyfriend, Micah.
Micah seems perfect -- he's attractive and attentive, and he lives
in a beautiful mansion in the hills outside San Francisco.
Paige thinks he could be her Prince Charming. But the fairy tale
turns sinister when he invites her into his garden --
an enchanted prison from which there is no escape and where
the strongest bonds are those of love.

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Spirit of the Wolf (Book #12)

"In the untouched forests,
A magic beast appears.
A savior of the land --
Or symbol of deepest fears!"

At a remote resort in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a tree
bursts into flames, an animal skull oozes blood,
and a wolf threatens to attack, then vanishes like a ghost.
The police suspect a nearly extinct Native American group
that was forced off the resort's land long ago.
Others blame the owners of the resort for defiling sacred tribal lands.

Phoebe and Paige arrive for a pre-opening weekend and some
sisterly bonding, but are soon drawn into danger by incidents
both natural and unnatural.
A powerful shaman holds the key to the mystery with his
secret knowledge -- knowledge that is shared by the wolf
haunting the land.

The sisters call upon Piper, Leo, and Cole for guidance
-- and summon all their powers to confront a demon
as cunning as any they have ever encountered!

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Charmed Again (Book #11)

"In this night and in this hour
I call upon the Ancient Power.
Bring back my sister,
Bring back the Power of Three."

Piper and Phoebe Halliwell are devastated by the loss
of their big sister, Prue.
But even in their grief they can't forget that they, too,
are in mortal danger.
The power of the Charmed Ones has been broken,
leaving them prey to every form of evil.
Even Leo, their Whitelighter, and Cole, Phoebe's demon boyfriend,
can't protect them.

In frustration and despair, Piper casts a spell to summon
a lost witch and bring back her beloved Prue.
The spell does work, but not as Piper intended.

A lost witch is found -- heir to a shocking Halliwell family secret.
But can Piper and Phoebe persuade her to assume her powers
and complete the Power of Three?

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Beware What You Wish (Book #10)

"When wishes give dark powers life
Stark disaster becomes rife.
Danger, chaos, evil rise
Before our unsuspecting eyes!"

While photopgraphing Stephen Tremaine, a wealthy businessman
running for public office, Prue notices an ancient stone statue
from South America.
Then, the next morning, Prue, Piper, and Phoebe are disturbed by
the number of tragic incidents in the news.
Wishing she could foresee more calamities in order to prevent them,
Phoebe suddenly gets dizzy, but the feeling passes.

Soon Phoebe is having more visions than she can handle --
and the sisters can't keep up with the impending accidents
and disasters.
Then a terrible vision sends the Halliwells to a charity carnival,
where Tremaine will face his opponent.

The Charmed Ones must summon the Power of Three
to avert a tragedy and save San Francisco
-- if they can find out which disaster to stop!

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Soul of the Bride (Book #9)

"In a land of lost, wandering souls,
Journey with care on the River Styx.
A prince of darkness plays his roles --
Protect the Charmed Ones from his tricks."

Prue's editor at 415 magazine offers her a challenge:
if she takes a really fantastic photo, he'll run it on the cover.
This could be Prue's big break -- if she can come up
with a killer concept.
But when Prue snaps the shutter,
all the models collapse into a deathly slumber!

To rescue the innocents, the Charmed Ones descend into Hades,
fighting underworld perils and uncovering an unholy plot.
To rescue the missing models, they must match wits with
the greatest of the ancient Greek gods --
and one of the sisters might not be allowed to return
to her mortal life.

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The Legacy of Merlin (Book #8)

"White robes under the Druid moon,
Midsummer's Eve is coming soon.
Spells and chanting call the power
To work dark witchcraft in the hour!"

Prue lands a summer trip to England to buy medieval books
for a collector, so Phoebe and Piper tag along to
the quaint village of Hay-on-Wye, in the heart of
King Arthur country.
While Piper reads how to make love charms from flowers,
Phoebe meets the darkly handsome Niall.
But she's shaken by a desolate vision of him on a windswept
heath, holding an infant. Is Niall a warlock?

Then Piper discovers a secret Druid ritual in progress,
with Niall at the center of it!
She freezes the group, and the Charmed Ones set out to discover
Niall's secret.
They learn that a local villager is in terrible danger
from the Druids, and only a magical spell from centuries past
can save her.

The Charmed Ones are convinced that only a long journey can win
against the Druids -- a voyage back in time to Camelot!

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The Gipsy Enchantment (Book #7)

"Three-ring acts and thrice-told tales
Bring threefold power that never fails.
Gypsy legends, Gypsy lore,
Gypsy demons haunt no more."

Prue is in a serious funk. Her latest photo assignment for 415 is
an in-depth article about the Carnival Cavalcade --
circus acts in a tent, and a midway with games and food.
Prue hates circuses, but Piper and Phoebe are up for meeting the
tattooed snake-charmer, clowns, and especially Ivan,
the handsome Gypsy animal trainer.
But a dark sign seems to mark him, and Phoebe has a vision of Piper
-- strangled by a handsome stranger!

Could Ivan be a demon in disguise?
A mysterious fire and a tragic death compel the Charmed Ones
to use their gifts.
Now it's the Power of Three against the magic of ancient Gypsy forces!

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Haunted by Desire (Book #6)

"Anger, envy, wrath, and rage
Hold her tightly like a cage.
With bitter tears and lover's sins
My final revenge at last begins!"

Phoebe Halliwell thinks taking a college course will add
some intellectual excitement to her life.
And she is definitely excited when she meets Brett,
a gorgeous guy in her class.
Too bad he's got a jealous ex-girlfriend, Wendy.

When Brett and Phoebe spend time together on a class
assignment, Phoebe starts to receive threatening notes.
Wendy's the obvious culprit, so why does Phoebe sense
that the notes are from someone else
-- someone with supernatural powers?

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Voodoo Moon (Book #5)

"If her soul is bound by an evil spell,
Call back her spirit with a ringing bell.
Salt in her left hand, gold in her right
Will cast out the dark and restore her soul's light."

The Halliwells are on vacation. It's time to party in New Orleans.
But on Prue, Piper, and Phoebe's first night in the Big Easy,
Phoebe has a dream filled with images of strange, violent rituals
under a full moon. Soon after, a new friend of Prue's disappears
-- on the night of the full moon!

When the Charmed Ones try to find her, they are drawn into a dark
world of voodoo sorcery...
a powerful magic like nothing the sisters have ever seen.

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Whispers from the Past (Book #4)

"A shard of mirror for a broken reflection
A pocket watch with a cracked face
A cache of herbs to burn for protection
All will send me to another time and place."

Phoebe Halliwell is having a very bad day:
A demon has pulled her centuries into the past.
She has no way to tell her sisters she's alive, no way to get back
to her own time -- and the demon is trying to kill her.

Back in the present, Prue and Piper are devastated at losing their sister.
But that isn't their only problem. Something is wrong with them, too.
Somehow, they're turning...evil. But why?
And how can they stop it -- without the Power of Three?

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The Crimson Spell (Book #3)

"Evil thoughts and dark desires
Boil and burn in a wicked brew!
Throw bate and fear into the fire --
May friends and lovers both be true!"

Prue, Piper, and Phoebe don't know that a coven of warlocks
is hunting them. They don't know that one of the warlocks
has entered their lives disguised as a friend.
And they don't know the coven's mission -- to drain them
of their magical powers, even if it means destroying them to do it!

Now the Charmed Ones must figure out which of their friends
is really their enemy.
Because sometimes what you don't know -- can kill you.

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Kiss of Darkness #2

"In the shadow of the tower
We lovers two entwine,
Bringing beat to breath and life to power
And forging your soul to mine!"

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The Power of Three (Book #1)

"In this night and at this hour,
I call upon the Ancient Power.
Bring your powers to we sisters three.
We want the power. Give us the power!"

Just because they stumbled on enchanted powers does not mean that
the Halliwell sisters have mastered their craft, but with warlocks and
shape-shifters prowling about, they had better get their act together.
Original. TV tie-in.

Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell didn't think reading a magical
incantation would really work. But it did.
Now Prue can move things with her mind, Piper can freeze time,
and Phoebe can see the future.

They are the Charmed Ones -- the most powerful of witches.
But being enchanted has a price. There's a warlock who wants to
steal their powers.
And he'll do it any way he can -- even if it means killing them!

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